15 Y/O +


This workshop is suitable for all former Waterside students (12+) who have completed Module 2 - Beginners.
  • Nov Intensive - spots available
    Sat 4th from 8:00am-5:30pm & Sun 5th from 8:00am-4:30pm

The weekend course is suitable for all former students of Waterside who have completed Module 2.

Students will be provided with an overview of carbon/alloy steels, heat-treatment and metallurgy, before forging their own tools (hammer, centre punch, chisel and tongs). Techniques involved are striking, punching, drifting, drawing out and learning the importance of proper anvil navigation.

Pete Mattila, will be teaching with the assistance of the Waterside crew.  

Minimum age for students is 15.

Price $1200 / $1080 (full-time student under 24)

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I bought a voucher for my husband for his bday. He was so excited and all his friends said I was the coolest wife ever. Waterside were so professional, they kept communicating with us through the whole journey. Absolutely awesome. My husband was over the moon. Sweaty and child like excited to show us his artwork! They even took photos of him to brag about his "hard hammering" moments. It's going to be difficult to beat this prezzie next year - maybe an advanced course!