The Smithy's Knife

15 Y/O +


This workshop is suitable for all former Waterside students (+) who have completed .

A hands-on workshop requiring some physical output but suitable for absolute beginners.

Steve will teach students all the necessary steps to make a traditional hand forged knife. The process involves forging and shaping a high carbon steel blade, hardening and sharpening the blade and shaping a handle. The multi-talented Ron Blint will assist with the fashioning of some leather sheaths.

Min age is 15 under 18's need to be accompanied by an adult, also enrolled in the course.

Price: 600$

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I did a 'Utility Kitchen Knife' course on 15th April 2022 and it was hands down the best run course I have been a part of. It is a fantastic studio with amazing staff. The facilities and knowledge there are excellent. The support throughout the day is amazing and I would strongly recommend booking in to anyone considering one of the many courses on offer