Module 2 - Beginners

12 Y/O +


This workshop is suitable for all former Waterside students (12+) who have completed Module 1 - Beginners.
  • Saturday & Sunday from 9:00am-4:30pm (Weekend Intensive)
    Apr 13 & 14 - spots available

This course is suitable for all former students of Waterside who have completed Module 1 or anyone who has previously completed a structured beginners course with another recognised blacksmithing group.

Students will build upon the basic techniques learned in Module 1 with new exercises involving splitting, upsetting, punching and forge welding. Take home 2 completed projects at the end of the course.

Together, Module 1 & Module 2, cover the 7 fundamental forging techniques and upon completion students will have gained enough knowledge to continue their own explorations into blacksmithing. We offer a 10% discount when both are purchased as a Gift Voucher Package.

Minimum age for students is 12 and under 15’s need to be accompanied by an adult, also enrolled in the course.

Price $620 / $558 (full-time student under 24) / $1080 M1 + M2 (gift voucher package)

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I had the pleasure of spending the day at Waterside Metal Art. What an awesome knowledgeable bunch. The place is reflective of Steve who runs it with an amazing vibe.