Forge a Bottle Opener

12 Y/O +


This workshop is suitable for all former Waterside students (+) who have completed .

A hands-on but gentle introduction to blacksmithing - there will be some time to relax, have a cuppa and a chat.

You will be provided with all the necessary PPE before being allocated your own forging station. After a brief safety induction, one of our experienced tutors will demonstrate how to light and maintain a fire, teach you how to heat your steel and guide you, step by step, through the process of forging your own unique bottle opener. Once completed, the bottle opener will be hot brushed and waxed, ready to be taken home.

We never tire of that moment, when participants realise that … brute strength is not a prerequisite for success!

Minimum age for students is 12 and under 15’s need to be accompanied by an adult, also enrolled in the course.

Prices: Youth (12-16yrs) $185, (Adult: 17+yrs) $210 

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A great space to be in with instructors who are encouraging, supportive and knowledgeable in the craft.