Angele confirms presence at Blacksmiths Festival


Yesterday Waterside was advised by Johannes Angele (owner of Angele Schmiedetechnik - one of Europe's largest blacksmithing equipment supply firms) that he will be coming to the festival to profile his German based firm. This is exciting news as there are now no retail outlets left in Australia dedicated to the sole supply of Blacksmithing equipment.Johannes has advised that he will be selling a limited range of blacksmithing goods at the festival which is likely to include hammers, tongs, aprons and maybe also fire pots and anvils. He has also advised that he will be prepared to include any special orders for equipment with the shipment that he is currently preparing for shipment. In addition, as Angele has now committed to a shipment they will also be able to offer a discount on the shipment and transport fees applicable to any additional special order. The catch? Well you have to get any special order confirmed prior to January 14.For anybody interested in pursuing equipment form Angele you can browse there website shop (which has an English version) via the following link Angele Shop

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