Tending Brigids Forge

15 Y/O +


This workshop is suitable for all former Waterside students (+) who have completed .

A hands-on workshop in collaboration with the Muses of Mystery, no previous experience required.

This special workshop is for people with an interest in the spiritual world and pagan beliefs, celebrating Brigid the Celtic Goddess of Fire & Smith Craft. She is often depicted with flames emanating from her palms and is known for warming hearth & home and sparking inspiration in creative individuals.

The workshop will kick off with a purifying smudge smoking before participants learn how to forge a small ornate wand, into which an object of significance can be embedded. The evening concludes with a fire ceremony and the sharing of some refreshments and food (please bring a small plate to share).

Minimum age for students is 15.

price: $275  

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Such a wonderful evening! I have never tried metal working before and i loved it! Great facilitators with a wonderful atmosphere. I plan to return.